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E - Coating

E-coating is a method of painting which uses electrical current to deposit the paint. The process works on the principal of "Opposites Attract". This process is also known as electrodeposition.

We offer the ultimate in E-Coat Painting design - from cleaning to curing. Our shop contains a complete 9 stage pre-treatment, zinc phosphate cathodic system with a 3 stage post rinse. These coatings are very uniform, durable and protect from corrosion.

CED Coating is known by many names like, Electrodeposition, Electropheretic, Electro-deposil and Elpo Dip just to name a few.

Cathodic Electro-Deposition

E Coating is a process by which a metallic part is immersed into a paint / water bath with electrically charged particles. Where the electricity is then utilized in the deposition of the paint into the part. E-coating works with magnesium, aluminum, zinc, brass, steel, or any material that conducts electricity.

Our tank design allows proper paint circulation without clumping, settling or foaming, which can impair a finish. Optional rack agitation frees trapped air bubbles, ensuring that solutions reach every nook and corner of complex parts. Stainless steel construction eliminates corrosion and permits the use of de ionized water for superior paint bath formulations.

Our finishing systems are completely automated to increase throughput while holding labor costs to a minimum.

Advantages of E-Coating

  • Ability to give uniform coating thickness
  • Abel to coat highly recessed area
  • Abel to coat complex shapes with a very high degree of accuracy and repeatability
  • Water base technology eliminates risk of fire and reduces air and water pollution
  • Can be formulated to be FDA compliant for food contact applications
  • Eco friendly