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Welcome to Auto Coats

Autocoats is located in Coimbatore which is the industrial Hub of India". Autocoats is one of the Best and Biggest powder surface finishing service providers with one stop coating solution for our entire customer Requirements. From the humble beginning, Autocoats has developed into a pioneer in our field, Autocoats has developed into one of the leading surface finishers.

Customers today demand higher quality and durability from the products they buy. Not only do they expect these products to perform well, but they want the finish to look good for a much longer period of time. As a "custom coater Autocoats continually helps customers meet this challenge by offering a full array of finishing processes.

Autocoats provides the highest quality coating services while striving for continuous improvements

Our Range Of Product

E-coating is a method of painting which uses electrical current to deposit the paint. The process works on the principal of "Opposites Attract". This process is also known...

Autocoats applies liquid paint to a variety of products and substrates including automotive Castings, hydraulic jacks and wheel hubs. A special high temperature...

Powder coating is a dry finishing process. Fine, grounded up particles containing pigments and resins are sprayed onto a metal substrate using an electrostatic spray gun.