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Liquid Painting

The Wet Coating Process

Wet coating can be applied as a protective and/or decorative coating to almost any part. This coating process can be accomplished with a wide range of manual or automatic spray guns including conventional, 2•component and electrostatic. Wet coating offers multiple benefits such as; coating any type of substrate, flexibility in color change and easy adjustments prior to application. This allows for a decrease in time, making it extremely cost effective. It also offers a wide range of chemistries including waterborne, hi-solids and 2-component, as well as a wide range of colors in gloss, textured and/or metallic finishes

Advantages of Liquid Painting

  • Polyurethane Coating
  • Red Oxide
  • Stoving Enamel
  • In - Organic Zinc Silicate
  • And all kind of painting